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October 12, 2015
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Chronic Beauty Reviews MBotanicals Rejuvenating facial elixir

Heidi from Chronic Beauty; beauty and lifestyle blog said some lovely things about our Rejuvenating Facial Elixir;

Using 2-3 drops of MBotanicals Rejuvenating Elixir in the morning under moisturiser, the result is a seriously bright looking complexion. This is not a heavy sticky oil by any means and seems to sink into the skin well so I didn’t find it a problem under makeup. It is pure and golden in colour with the aroma of Pear and Frankincense coming through. However, I don’t find it very moisturising on my drier skin, the complexion looks clear and bright but it may fair better for hydrating and moisturising a more oily skin.

When using at night, I use 4-5 drops on clean skin, working in well then layer with a night cream or moisture mask. On waking, the result is a fresh bright glow along with the skins’ surface looking a little more tightened and pores look less obvious.

Pop on over to her blog to find out more!

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