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January 30, 2018
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Formulating for Fun

Not many people know this, but I enjoy formulating – that’s playing around with different natural cosmetic ingredients – just for fun.  I also have a full time contract formulation business, where I formulate for other people all over the world as I like to make natural skincare, hair care and body care so much.  When I am not busy formulating for MBotanicals,  or others, or doing the generally mundane tasks involved in running a small business, I will seize the moment to experiment with ingredients that I have never used before.  I have a whole shelf of said ingredients and slowly but surely I am working my way through them, more often than not, ‘just to see’ how they perform or what qualities they have.

Below is a result of one of those times.  Its a balm made with Myrica wax.  This is an unusual wax as its not a result of human intervention – well, very little human intervention; meaning it is not a man made hydrogenated oil.  Instead, it comes directly from boiling and scraping the wax from the berry of the Myrica pubescent tree.  A pretty simple process that produces a wax that is hard but melts at about 45-50c.  From trying this wax, it gels really well, and from my tests it also readily melts on the skin. It has pretty nice gentle fruity scent which is a plus.

In the balm I also used floral Rose wax which is a strongly scented wax that is a by product of producing Rose absolute.  I actually started this formulation as I wanted to see how strong the scent of rose would come through at 10% and discovered that it was pretty good at thickening oils.  After that I kept adding other ingredients until I had a pretty nice balm.  I recently acquired some Pequi oil which is has a highly aromatic fruity scent and seems to be quite thick at 18c due to its relatively high levels of saturated fatty acids, for a liquid oil.

This has turned out to be a pretty good balm considering this is the first time I have used all of these ingredients and I managed to create a wax that is soft yet starts to melt at the average human body temperature of 37c.  It is also fully stable from testing.

What I  like about this balm is that it has a great texture, it seems slightly dry considering it is a balm. Above you can see that the two balms look different. This is because I poured the top one while it was still hot and translucent. I stirred and poured the bottom one when it was cooler and it had fully gelled; this created an opaque glossy balm.

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  1. K.Young says:

    Sounds nice; am interested in all the ingredients; can you list them without disclosing your formula?

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