The Story Behind – The Rejuvenating Facial Elixir
September 23, 2016
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October 20, 2016

The story behind the Hydrating Beauty Balm

Although I am proud of this product,  I rarely use it and when I do I use it sparingly. It is a balm, it is waterless and contains butters, oils, extracts and essential oils so for my skin type, which is combination, it is generally too heavy for everyday use.  However, as someone once told me, ‘’when you give a gift, you don’t buy what you want, you buy for the intended…’’ so call this my gift to all those dry to very dry-skinned beauties.

There are lots of beauty balms on the market, they range from water containing creams with a low oil content to creams with high oil content and then you have waterless, semi solid products, like mine. The former ‘balms’ are not really balms as they contain water, the Hydrating Beauty Balm is what I would call a true balm.  By its nature it is rich and heavy so apt for people with dry to very dry skin.  I get asked frequently if this can be used anywhere, well I normally say ‘yes’ it can be used on dry skin patches just about anywhere on your body, but I normally advise against it due to its precious content.  So what is so great about this balm?

To look at, it is a creamy and viscous in nature, it looks like it would be difficult to scoop out of the pot but in reality it is soft and pliable so pretty easy to use.  It just needs gentle warming on the skin to spread.Hydrating beauty balm - mbotancicals


It contains a variety of butters and waxes that are combined in such a way to give seamless melting when it hits the skin, but firm enough not to melt on a moderately warm day.  As it is a vegan product I chose olive wax. Olive wax contains all the great qualities of olive oil but is in a waxy form. Olive oil, is known to disrupt some of the skins barrier function so it will allow for active botanical ingredients to penetrate the skin.  Then we have cocoa and Illipe butters which have a lower melting point. These, hard butters, when applied to the skin, lock in moisture, preventing trans epidermal water loss.

Next up is Pracaxi (pronounced prachachy) oil. Its an unusual oil which is rich in linoleic, oleic and  behenic acids.  Linoleic acid is an essential fatty acid thought to help with dry and irritated skin condtions. This oil is traditionally used as a scar treatment in South America and as such thought to be great for dealing with hyperpigmentation and may help with smoothing out uneven skin tone. Combined with Apricot Kernal oil, this will go a long way to softening and bringing suppleness to any dry areas.

Borage oil, rich in essential fatty acids – omega 6 linoleic acid and is again traditionally used internally to balance dry skin conditions.  We have talked about blackseed oil in previous posts as I have used it in a number of products for its purported anti-inflammatory benefits. So we know all the good stuff, how does it smell?

For me, skincare products should smell amazing add to my enjoyment so I wanted this balm to smell good and at the same time do some good.  For this dry treatment balm  I chose a combination of soft and fruity Sea Buckthorn, Chamomile, Rose and Frankincense and Rose Geranium.  Sea Buckthorn extract, is not in itself a fragrance material, yet it does give gives an underlying, almost undetectable tartness to the overall scent.  It adds a slightly orange hue to the balm as well which makes the balm more interesting to look at.  As said, the scent complements the floral notes of chamomile extract beautifully. Sea Buckthorn extract is rich in vitamins A and E as well as phytosterols and essential fatty acids which make it a wonderful inclusion as a restorative and regenerative ingredient.

Chamomile, is a well known skin soother on its own so supports the skins healing process. It also has a potent floral scent which blends beautifully with Rose and Frankincense– our traditional beauty oils.

As said, I rarely use this oil, but when I do, it is normally when I have extremely dry skin, as a night time treatment and I tend to use it on my cheeks, avoiding my oily T-Zone.  It is extremely rich and decadent to use and as such adds a good barrier against the elements, helping to lock in moisture. A little goes a long way and when applied and will instantly make your skin feel soft and smooth.

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