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June 19, 2017
Our Gentle Enzyme Cleansing Clay in Glamour magazine!
July 28, 2017
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Our Cleanser wins another natural beauty award

We are really happy to announce that we won the Silver award for the Green Parent Natural Beauty awards for our powdered cleanser!


Our gentle enzyme cleanser is perfect for all skin types with its subtle scent of Rose and Chamomile essential oils and Pineapple extract.  Its a powder cleanser, so after pouring a small amount on your hand you activate with water so that it starts to foam and bubble at which point you can massage onto your face.

So, why is it so special?  Well, its a simple formulation for a start and uses only 9 ingredients.  It exfoliates the skin gently by 2 main mechanisms.  Firstly it has the Pineapple enzyme, Bromelain .  Enymes work by breaking down the keratin in dead skin cells, leaving fresh skin behind.  These are extremely gentle on the skin.  Secondly, there is red clay, this offers a slight mechanical exfoliation.  used together this exfoliation helps bring about a glowing complexion!





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